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bundle-order-partial regression test fails and was never added to cts-scheduler
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Jun 1 2024, 4:57 PM
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Commit 47a369b created the bundle-order-partial scheduler regression test, but it did not add it to (now

This test fails on current main: it results in an unexpected restart due to resource definition change.

Two options:

  • Be lazy and drop the test. It's possible that the expected output was never correct. It was never added to the test script, so we wouldn't know. Otherwise, it probably broke a long time ago.
  • Investigate whether this indicates a real problem and try to fix it if so. This will likely involve a lot of bisecting, because the problem isn't obvious. It's not even obvious what the test is supposed to be testing.

Edit: bundle-interleave-down also fails now and is NOT part of

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