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Arcanist Quick Start
Phabricator User Documentation (Application User Guides)

Quick guide to getting Arcanist working for a new project.

This is a summary of steps to install Arcanist, configure a project for use with it, and run arc to send changes for review. For detailed instructions on installing Arcanist, see Arcanist User Guide. OS specific guides are also available.

Installing Arcanist

First, install dependencies:

  • Install PHP.
  • Install Git.

Then install Arcanist itself:

somewhere/ $ git clone

Add arc to your path:

$ export PATH="$PATH:/somewhere/arcanist/bin/"

This won't work for Windows, see Arcanist User Guide: Windows for instructions.

Configure Your Project

For detailed instructions on project configuration, see Arcanist User Guide: Configuring a New Project.

Create a .arcconfig file in your project's working copy:

$ cd yourproject/
yourproject/ $ $EDITOR .arcconfig
yourproject/ $ cat .arcconfig
  "phabricator.uri" : ""

Set phabricator.uri to the URI for your Phabricator install (where arc should send changes to).

NOTE: You should commit this file to the repository.

Install Arcanist Credentials

Credentials allow you to authenticate. You must have an account on Phabricator before you can perform this step.

$ cd yourproject/
yourproject/ $ arc install-certificate

Follow the instructions. This will link your user account on your local machine to your Phabricator account.

Send Changes For Review

For detailed instructions on using arc diff, see Arcanist User Guide: arc diff.

$ $EDITOR file.c
$ arc diff

Next Steps

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