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Diviner Phabricator User Docs Calendar User Guide: Exporting Events

Calendar User Guide: Exporting Events
Phabricator User Documentation (Application User Guides)

Exporting events to other calendars.


IMPORTANT: Calendar is a prototype application. See User Guide: Prototype Applications.

You can export events from Phabricator to other calendar applications like Google Calendar or This document will guide you through how to export event data from Phabricator.

When you export events into another application, they generally will not be editable from that application. Exporting events allows you to create one calendar that shows all the events you care about in whatever application you prefer (so you can keep track of everything you need to do), but does not let you edit Phabricator events from another application.

When exporting events, you can either export individual events one at a time or export an entire group of events (for example, all events you are attending).

Exporting a Single Event

To export a single event, visit the event detail page and click Export as .ics. This will download an .ics file which you can import into most other calendar applications.

Mail you receive about events also has a copy of this .ics file attached to it. You can import this .ics file directly.

In Google Calendar, use Other CalendarsImport Calendar to import the .ics file.

In, use FileImport... to import the .ics file, or drag the .ics file onto your calendar.

When you export a recurring event, the .ics file will contain information about the entire event series.

If you want to update event information later, you can just repeat this process. Calendar applications will update the existing event if you've previously imported an older version of it.

Exporting a Group of Events

You can export a group of events matching an arbitrary query (like all events you are attending) to keep different calendars in sync.

To export a group of events:

  • Run a query in Calendar which selects the events you want to export.
    • Example: All events you are attending.
    • Example: All events you are invited to.
    • Example: All events tagged #meetup.
  • Select the Use Results...Export Query as .ics action to turn the query into an export.
  • Name the export with a descriptive name.
  • Select a policy mode for the export (see below for discussion).
  • Click Create New Export to finish the process.

The policy modes for exports are:

  • Public: Only public information (visible to logged-out users) will be exported. This mode is not available if your install does not have public information (per policy.allow-public in Config).
  • Privileged: All event information will be exported. This means that anyone who knows the export URI can see ALL of the related event information, as though they were logged in with your account.
WARNING: Anyone who learns the URI for an export can see the data you choose to export, even if they don't have a Phabricator account! Be careful about how much data you export and treat the URI as a secret. If you accidentally share a URI, you can disable the export.

After finishing the process, you'll see a screen with some details about the export and an ICS URI. This URI allows you to import the events which match the query into another calendar application.

In Google Calendar, use Other CalendarsAdd by URL to import the URI.

In, use FileNew Calendar Subscription... to subscribe to the URI.

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