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Diviner Phabricator User Docs Calendar User Guide: Importing Events

Calendar User Guide: Importing Events
Phabricator User Documentation (Application User Guides)

Importing events from other calendars.


IMPORTANT: Calendar is a prototype application. See User Guide: Prototype Applications.

You can import events into Phabricator to other calendar applications or from .ics files. This document will guide you through how to import event data into Phabricator.

When you import events from another application, they can not be edited in Phabricator. Importing events allows you to share events or keep track of events from different sources, but does not let you edit events from other applications in Phabricator.

Import Policies

When you import events, you select a visibility policy for the import. By default, imported events are only visible to you (the user importing them).

To share imported events with other users, make the import Visible To a wider set of users, like "All Users".

Importing .ics Files

.ics files contain information about events, usually either about a single event or an entire event calendar.

If you have an event or calendar in .ics format, you can import it into Phabricator in two ways:

  • Navigate to CalendarImportsImport EventsImport .ics File.
  • Drag and drop the file onto a Calendar.

This will create a copy of the event in Phabricator.

If you want to update an imported event later, just repeat this process. The event will be updated with the latest information.

Many applications send .ics files as email attachments. You can import these into Phabricator.

.ics Files: Google Calendar

In Google Calendar, you can generate a .ics file for a calendar by clicking the dropdown menu next to the calendar and selecting Calendar SettingsExport CalendarExport this calendar.

.ics Files:

In, you can generate an .ics file for a calendar by selecting the calendar, then selecting FileExportExport... and saving the calendar as a .ics file.

You can also convert an individual event into an .ics file by dragging it from the calendar to your desktop (or any other folder).

When you import an event using an .ics file, Phabricator can not automatically keep the event up to date. You'll need to repeat the process if there are changes to the event or calendar later, so Phabricator can learn about the updates.

Importing .ics URIs

If you have a calendar in another application that supports publishing a .ics URI, you can subscribe to it in Phabricator. This will import the entire calendar, and can be configured to automatically keep it up to date and in sync with the external calendar.

First, find the subscription URI for the calendar you want to import (see below for some guidance on popular calendar applications). Then, browse to CalendarImportsImport EventsImport .ics URI.

When you import a URI, you can choose to enable automatic updates. If you do, Phabricator will periodically update the events it imports from this source. You can stop this later by turning off the automatic updates or disabling the import.

Privacy Note: When you import via URI, the URI often contains sensitive information (like a username, password, or secret key) which allows anyone who knows it to access private details about events. Anyone who can edit the import will also be able to view and edit the URI, so make sure you don't grant edit access to users who should not have access to the event details.

.ics URIs: Google Calendar

In Google Calendar, you can get the subscription URI for a calendar by selecting Calendar Settings from the dropdown next to the calendar, then copying the URL from the ICAL link under Private Address. This URI provides access to all event details, including private information.

You may need to adjust the sharing and visibility settings for the calendar before this option is available.

Alternatively, you can use the URI from the ICAL link under Calendar Address to access a more limited set of event details. You can configure which details are available by configuring how the calendar is shared.

.ics URIs: does not support subscriptions via .ics URIs.

You can export a calendar as an .ics file by following the steps above, but Phabricator can not automatically keep events imported in this way up to date.

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