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Cluster: Web Servers
Phabricator User Documentation (Cluster Configuration)

Configuring Phabricator to use multiple web servers.


You can run Phabricator on multiple web servers. The advantages of doing this are:

  • you can completely survive the loss of multiple web hosts; and
  • performance and capacity may improve.

This configuration is simple, but you must configure repositories first. For details, see Cluster: Repositories.

Adding Web Hosts

After configuring repositories in cluster mode, you can add more web hosts at any time.

First, deploy the Phabricator software and configuration to a host, then register the host as a cluster device if it is not already registered (for help, see Cluster: Devices.)

Once the host is registered, start the web server, and then add the host to the load balancer pool.

Phabricator web servers are stateless, so you can pull them in and out of production freely.

You may also want to run SSH services on these hosts, since the service is very similar to HTTP, also stateless, and it may be simpler to load balance the services together. For details, see Cluster: SSH Servers.

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