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Conduit API Overview
Phabricator User Documentation (API Documentation)

Overview of the Conduit API.


Conduit is the HTTP API for Phabricator. It is roughly JSON-RPC: you usually pass a JSON blob, and usually get a JSON blob back, although both call and result formats are flexible in some cases.

API Clients

The primary ways to make Conduit calls are:

Web Console: The Conduit application provides a web UI for exploring the API and making calls. This is the best starting point for learning about the API. See the next section for details.

ConduitClient: This is the official client available in arcanist.

arc call-conduit: You can use this arc command to execute low-level Conduit calls by piping JSON in to stdin. This can provide a simple way to explore the API, or a quick way to get API access from a script written in another language without needing a real client.

curl: You can format a call with basic HTTP parameters and cURL. The console includes examples which show how to format calls.

Other Clients: There are also clients available in other languages. You can check the Community Resources page for links.

API Console

The easiest way to begin exploring Conduit is by visiting Conduit in the web UI. The application provides an API console which you can use to explore available methods, make calls, read documentation, and see examples.

The API console has details about how to construct calls and generate API tokens for authentication.

Querying and Reading Objects

For information on searching for objects and reading their properties and information, see Conduit API: Using Search Endpoints.

Creating and Editing Objects

For information on creating, editing and updating objects, see Conduit API: Using Edit Endpoints.

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