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Diviner Phabricator User Docs Managing Conduit Changes

Managing Conduit Changes
Phabricator User Documentation (Field Manuals)

Help with managing Conduit API changes.


Many parts of the Conduit API are stable, but some parts are subject to change. For example, when we write a new application, it usually adds several new API methods and may update older methods.

This document discusses API stability and how to minimize disruption when transitioning between API versions.

Method Statuses

Methods have one of three statuses:

  • Unstable: This is a new or experimental method which is subject to change. You may call these methods to get access to recently released features, but should expect that you may need to adjust your usage of them before they stabilize.
  • Stable: This is an established method which generally will not change.
  • Deprecated: This method will be removed in a future version of Phabricator and callers should cease using it.

Normally, a method is deprecated only when it is obsolete or a new, more powerful method is available to replace it.

Finding Deprecated Calls

You can identify calls to deprecated methods in ConduitCall Logs. Use My Deprecated Calls to find calls to deprecated methods you have made, and Deprecated Call Logs to find deprecated calls by all users.

You can also search for calls by specific users. For example, it may be useful to search for any bot accounts you run to make sure they aren't calling outdated APIs.

The most common cause of calls to deprecated methods is users running very old versions of Arcanist. They can normally upgrade by running arc upgrade.

When the changelogs mention a method deprecation, you can use the call logs to identify callers and notify them to upgrade or switch away. When the changelogs mention a method removal, you can use the call logs to verify that you will not be impacted.

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