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Test: cts-schemas: Drop -B option


Test: cts-schemas: Drop -B option

It was added by commit b570513, whose commit message refers to time
travel. Pacemaker doesn't use time travel (yet).

Further, the rationale was "to prevent subtle issues when the input to
XSLT doesn't contain any (ignorable) blanks, which is exactly what
happens in pacemaker's XML handling for XML_PARSE_NOBLANKS being
employed when using libxml2 parser."

However, no examples were given, and Pacemaker doesn't call cts-schemas.
So there's no clear indication of why we need this feature, versus just
running xmllint and/or xsltproc manually as needed.

Also, at least for the 3-to-4 upgrade, the upgrade stylesheets will
strip whitespace and indent the output XML. The 2-to-3 upgrade doesn't
strip whitespace, but the reference outputs aren't generated using -B,
so this doesn't break regression tests.

This simplifies planned changes and will simplify the future conversion
to Python.

Signed-off-by: Reid Wahl <nrwahl@protonmail.com>


nrwahl2Authored on Sun, Jul 7, 3:54 AM
rP6681516cf30c: Test: cts-schemas: Split test input/output data into separate dirs