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date-X and origin scheduler regression tests fail when run directly
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Jun 14 2024, 2:26 AM
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Tests date-1, date-2, date-3, and origin pass when run via cts/cts-scheduler (running the whole battery of tests). However, they fail when run individually with cts/cts-scheduler --run <test>. I have not begun investigating. This is an incidental finding.

CC @clumens for awareness since you've been exploring multiprocessing.

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It's odd that they would only fail when run individually. One clue as to what's going wrong might be that those are the only three tests with the string "Setting effective cluster time" in their summary files, and that string comes from set_effective_date.

I think those are the only three tests in cts-scheduler that also have a third argument to SchedulerTest. This is probably something I broke in one of the refactoring rounds.