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Improve compatibility with external apps that also use libqb logging
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Mon, Jul 1, 1:29 PM
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Currently, Pacemaker needs crm_log_preinit() and/or crm_log_init() to be called in order for libqb logging to work. However those enforce Pacemaker's logging configuration, which could conflict with any external users of Pacemaker's APIs if those users also use libqb logging directly and have their own configuration for it.

Only Pacemaker daemons and tools should need to fully configure libqb logging. External users should have a way to minimally ensure Pacemaker logging works but otherwise be able to configure libqb on their own (while still allowing external users to use the full Pacemaker logging configuration if they desire). Since qb_log_init() shouldn't be called more than once, we'll probably need to either require that external users use a Pacemaker API instead of qb_log_init() (even if they want to configure libqb logging on their own), or call a Pacemaker initialization API that accepts an argument to specify whether to skip qb_log_init().

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