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Improve Pacemaker API initialization
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Mon, Jul 1, 1:35 PM
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Currently, Pacemaker requires crm_log_preinit() and/or crm_log_init() to be called in order for many APIs to work (at all in the case of XML functions, or optimally in the case of functions that log). However these do a lot of things that external users may not need and may even conflict with those users' own usage of glib, libxml2, and/or libqb.

Whenever possible, we should avoid needing external users to call API initialization functions. For example, Pacemaker XML APIs could call pcmk__xml_init() before doing anything, so external users wouldn't need to ensure it was called. However there will still be some initialization needed, since Pacemaker needs something to set as crm_system_name and some verbosity settings.

This is primarily for libcrmcommon, but it's possible another library may need its own initialization.

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