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ClusterLabs Summit 2015
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What was then called HA Summit was held in Brno, Czechia, on Feb. 4 and 5, 2015. The dates were chosen to coincide with the week of the DevConf conference to make it easier for people to attend. It was the first HA conference since 2008.

Some important milestones came out of the conference:

  • ClusterLabs, which at the time focused solely on Pacemaker, was chosen as an umbrella location for open-source high availability clustering projects, to improve cooperation, coordination, and awareness
  • The ClusterLabs IRC Channel and ClusterLabs Mailing Lists were created to replace multiple project-specific channels and lists
  • Future summits would be called ClusterLabs Summits, with a goal of holding one every 2 to 3 years (which was met until the COVID-19 pandemic)

Various topics of open discussion included:

  • Scaling with pacemaker-remoted and/or a new messaging/membership layer
  • SBD (storaged based death) fencing
  • Degraded mode for resource status
  • Making fencing mandatory (or requiring a special setting waiving rights to complain if disabled)
  • Scan Core is an open source effort to provide a mechanism for collecting and analysing software and sensor data and using it to make intelligent decisions about cluster configurations. The primary comment here was to explore the possibility of having Scan Core support existing nagios scan agents.
  • Better support for SNMP to simplify management of large cluster environments
  • UI / ease of use, cooperation and sharing ideas on improving the interfaces
  • OCF standard updates: We now have a process for proposing changes to the OCF standard via pull requests on github. Marek Grac proposed adding features currently used by the fence-agents to the OCF standard, and krig proposed some form of parameter validation (types for IP address, file, directory, device, integer ranges, email address, executable, boolean, etc.) to improve the feedback given by UIs for incorrect data in parameters
  • Requirements for development of resource agents for 3rd party applications from ISVs (for example SAP)
  • Integration of CTDB/clustered Samba with Pacemaker
  • Geo-clustering with booth


Red Hat Czech s.r.o. Purkynova 99/71 Brno 61245 Czech Republic

Closest tram stop is Cervinkova. A video shows how to get to the conference location from there.


Feb. 4TopicSpeaker
9amInformal "coffee and code" time
10amPacemaker scaling, containers, degraded modeA. Beekhof
11:30amDRBD9P. Reisner
1:30pmFencing (help, ease of configuring)M. Kelly
3pmRound table discussions (recent features, locking, fencing)
5pmMeet up before dinner
6-9pmDinner at Stopkova Plzenska Pivnice, Česká 5, 602 00 Brno
Feb. 5TopicSpeaker
9amInformal "coffee and code" time
10amMonitoringM. Schwartzkopff
10:45amScan Core, Scan AgentsM. Kelly
11:30pmManaging/merging resources (IRC and Mailing lists, specifically)M. Kelly
12pmResource agents (upstream, testing, submission)David Vossel
1:30pmRound table discussions (future features, filesystems, roadmap)
4:30pmGPG key-signing party
5pmMeet up before dinner

Registered attendees

Full NameCompanyNote
Madison KellyAlteeve's Niche!Madison, aka 'digimer', build's the Anvil! HA platform for highly available KVM virtual servers. While not being a programmer, she tries to contribute via tutorials, documentation, testing and community support. Her strength is in Red Hat's High Availability AddOn (cman + rgmanager on RHEL 6).
Andrew BeekhofRed Hat
Christine CaulfieldRed HatCorosync developer, maintainer of cman & associated cluster components, lover of strace and tcpdump logs, writer of white papers with silly jokes in
Chris FeistRed Hat
Jan FriesseRed Hat
Ken GaillotRed Hatrecent hire on pacemaker team
Marek GrácRed Hat
Ryan McCabeRed Hat
Jan PokornýRed Hatcomaintainer of CMAN stack config layer, recently working on CMAN -> Pacemaker conversion
David VosselRed Hat
Ondrej MulárRed Hat
Tomáš JelínekRed Hat
Matouš EjemRed Hat
Fabio M. Di NittoRed Hatalso known as ´fabbione´ or the ´The God Father´, Fabio is the HA team overlord at Red Hat.
Andreas GrünbacherRed HatAndreas has recently joined the GFS2 development team.
Kristoffer GrönlundSUSEMainly works on crmsh, hawk and resource-agents, @krig on Github.
Michael Schwartzkopffsys4 AGWrote a book about Linux Cluster.
Dejan MuhamedagicSUSEWorks on booth, crmsh, resource-agents, and cluster-glue.
Yan GaoSUSEMainly works on pacemaker, @gao-yan on Github.
Kengo FujiokaNTTmanager in NTT
Keisuke MoriNTTPromoting Pacemaker to the Linux-HA Japan community. Works on pacemaker-1.0/1.1, resource-agents, etc. @kskmori on Github.
Yusuke IidaNTTJapanese Pacemaker developer (and user). Belong to the Linux-HA japan. @yuusuke on Github.
Frank DanapfelRed HatSoftware engineer for Red Hat at the SAP LinuxLab focusing on HA solutions for SAP Products running on RHEL.
Philipp ReisnerLINBITDRBD developer
Lars EllenbergLINBITDRBD developer, maintainer of heartbeat
Alexander HassSAP LinuxLab
Kai DupkeSUSE
Michael AdamRed HatSamba/CTDB developer at Red Hat Storage
Günther DeschnerRed HatRedHat - Samba developer / Storage Team
Kaleb KeithleyRed HatRedHat - Gluster developer / Red Hat Storage Team
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