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Pacemaker 2.0 Daemon Changes
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Pacemaker 2.0 changed the Pacemaker daemons as follows.

New names

The Pacemaker daemons have been renamed more intuitively, to help make the logs easier to follow.

Previous nameCurrent namePurpose
attrdpacemaker-attrdnode attribute manager
cibpacemaker-basedCluster Information Base manager
crmdpacemaker-controldcluster controller
lrmdpacemaker-execdlocal resource agent executor
stonithdpacemaker-fencednode fencer
pacemaker_remotedpacemaker-remotedremote resource agent executor
penginepacemaker-schedulerdaction scheduler

The initial process that spawns all the others, pacemakerd, keeps its same name.

The systemd unit files and init scripts that start pacemaker and pacemaker_remote keep their same names.

The daemon source code subdirectories have all been moved to a new daemons subdirectory of the code base, and the source code files have been renamed for uniqueness, to help make the detail log easier to follow.

Regression tests

(Regression tests are mainly for Pacemaker developers, so most users can ignore this.)

The various regression tests have been made more unified. The most noticeable difference is in the command names:

Previous nameCurrent name

The regression tests are now directly in /usr/share/pacemaker/tests instead of subdirectories, and the code has been moved into the cts directory of the source code tree. There were some minor tweaks to command-line arguments here and there; run the test command with --help to see the current options. The -i/--interval option to cts-exec-helper now takes a generic interval specification instead of an integer number of milliseconds.

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