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LibQB Release Checklist
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Pre-release testing

Run the internal test suite on all supported operating systems.

BSD-based systems must use gmake, e.g.:

MAKE=gmake ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
gmake all check

Release process

  • Ensure you have a completely clean and up-to-date checkout, either by making a new one or by pulling from upstream master and running:
make maintainer-clean
  • Commit that change, but do not push yet.
  • Build and GPG-sign the tarballs, and tag the release (either pass in a GPG key or edit the default in the file):
make -f build-aux/ version=$NEW_RELEASE_VERSION release=yes [gpgsignkey=$KEY]

Look for a line like: warning: "" parsed as: "1" "." "0" "." "0" ".17-43ef"

  • Ensure upstream has the new commit and tag (replace origin if upstream is configured differently in for your checkout):
git push --follow-tags origin
  • Update the generated documentation:
    • Checkout the gh-pages branch
    • Pull in changes from master branch (merge and commit if necessary).
    • From the top level of the checkout, run the following to generate online documentation (ABI compatibility, API documentation and changelog).
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