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Pacemaker 3.0 Behavioral Changes
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This describes proposed behavioral changes for a possible Pacemaker 3.0.0 release. Discussion should be directed to the users mailing list.

These changes are only proposed and may not make it into the final release.

Logging and status displays

  • The textual strings used for certain exit status codes and execution status codes will change, so if you have any scripts parsing output for these, they may need updating (for example, capitalization will become more consistent)

Daemon behavior

  • Drop support for the pacemaker-fenced -s / --stand-alone option (deprecated in 2.1.5)
  • The Pacemaker Remote daemon will now default only to /etc/pacemaker/authkey for the authentication key location, and will no longer fall back to trying /etc/corosync/authkey if that is missing; also, if a user-specified key is unreadable, it will fail rather than trying the default location

Configuration behavior

  • The documentation states that the default for action in a resource_set is the enclosing constraint's action. However until now start has actually been used as the default. The behavior will be changed to match the documentation.
  • action configured as a fence device parameter is now ignored rather than treated as a default fencing action.
  • The concurrent-fencing cluster property will now default to true and be deprecated
  • The globally-unique clone meta-attribute will default to true when clone-node-max is greater than 1
  • Groups with no members will be ignored (currently they can have some effect if used in constraints)
  • A negative migration-threshold, which is invalid and previously was treated as 1, will now be treated as 0 (no limit).

Tool behavior

  • attrd_updater --query without --node or --all will now query the local node only (previously, it would query the local node when called from a resource agent executed by the cluster and all nodes when called from the command line)
  • cibadmin
    • Support for the -b/--no-bcast and -h/--host options has been dropped
    • --md5-sum-versioned no longer outputs "Versioned (...) digest: " to stderr.
  • crm_ticket options that require the --force option will now exit with a status of 107 rather than 4 when --force is not given, for consistency with other tools
  • crm_resource
    • -D/--delete now exits with success (0) instead of no-such-object (105) if resource doesn't exist, exits with usage error (64) instead of no-such-object (105) if -t argument is not given, and exits with invalid parameter (2) if given a specific clone instance.
    • -O/--list-operations does not list probes as active operations
    • --option now exits with a usage error (instead of being ignored) unless given with --validate and without -r/--resource
    • -T/--timeout now exits with a usage error (instead of being ignored) if given an invalid value
  • crm_shadow -r/--reset will now require --force
  • crm_simulate output will now say Assignment Scores rather than Allocation Scores
  • Invalid command-line usage may result in an error rather than being silently ignored
  • Deprecated options may be dropped, including:
    • crm_mon: -h/--as-html, -X/--as-xml, -s/--simple-status, -N/--disable-ncurses, -w/--web-cgi

Resource agent behavior

  • The cluster will no longer provide the HA_mcp, HA_quorum_type, PCMK_mcp, and PCMK_quorum_type environment variables when executing resource agents.
  • Drop support for the OCF 1.0 reload and unique behavior of OCF resource agents (only the OCF 1.1 reload-agent and reloadable behavior will be supported)
  • Fence agents that do not advertise support for either plug or port will default to pcmk_host_argument="none"
  • Node attributes will no longer be passed to fence agents as meta-attributes
  • Resource instance attributes will no longer be passed as environment variables with an OCF_RESKEY_CRM_meta_ prefix (instance attributes will be passed only with OCF_RESKEY_, and meta-attributes will still be passed with OCF_RESKEY_CRM_meta_)

Alert agent behavior

  • Alert environment variables will no longer be passed with a CRM_notify_ prefix, only CRM_alert_ (deprecated since 1.1.15)
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