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Pacemaker is a high-availability cluster resource manager.

It achieves maximum availability for your cluster services (resources) by detecting and recovering from node- and resource-level failures by making use of the messaging and membership capabilities provided by Corosync.

It can do this for clusters of practically any size and comes with a powerful dependency model that allows the administrator to accurately express the relationships (both ordering and location) between the cluster resources.

Virtually anything that can be scripted can be managed as part of a Pacemaker cluster.

Project Information

  • How To Install
  • Documentation
    • Clusters from Scratch, a walk-through for creating a simple cluster, is the best starting point
    • Pacemaker Explained is a complete configuration reference guide
    • Pacemaker Administration gives information about using Pacemaker
    • Pacemaker Development is for developers who want to modify Pacemaker
  • Scroll down to Document Hierarchy for more
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